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                  Jose I Londoño

               Founder and CEO

Director of international Operations

Jose He is a financial director with extensive experience in banking and information technology. In addition to his experience in systems engineering (UNAL - AFIT), he holds the IBM certification in cloud computing, power systems, AIX and AS400.
Financial director and intentional director of UPH&BLUE

It is a combination of transformational leadership, disruptive innovation and corporate growth strategies. As a former CIO and Managing Director of UPH holding, jose was responsible for technology and innovation to support the company's competitive growth. For five years, it identified and replaced legacy technology to dramatically improve productivity, safety and reliability. Prior to joining Uph&Blue Group, Jose served as the Executive Director of Black Box, where he led the transformation of the company.

He is an administrator of alternative digital assets of the cryptographic world internationally recognized in the industry for his career.

He previously worked with IBM (Sales coordinator) as Jr. Screen Director and Designer; Comercializadora Benaya as Design Director; and in analysis, metadata consulting and analysis of accounts for banking,

It is also the one that leads the IT Management of the Group. It has a staff of 59 employees in the computer area

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