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Natural activity contributes to the creation of wealth through the generation of solutions and services, and that which is specific and distinctive of the company: innovation.

At Uph&Blue we firmly believe that our solutions and services are an excellent tool for contributing to development, not only for the benefit of our customers but, in a broader sense, to the entire society and the communities where we are present.

                           Our offer

Uph&Blue makes a commitment to the development of its own technologies and solutions, on which to leverage its offer of solutions and services. This commitment to technology and proprietary solutions is what gives Uph&Blue the differential value and allows it to compete in better conditions and penetrate new markets.

Uph&Blue follows a strategy of value creation, with an offer of global management of the needs of the client, from the consultancy, through the development of projects, the integration and implementation of solutions, to the outsourcing of information systems and processes. deal.

Uph&Blue has its own solutions in all the different sectors in which it operates: Transport and Traffic, Energy and Industry, Public Administration and Health, Financial Services, Security and Defense and Telecom and Media.


Solutions + Services



Consulting and technological solutions

Uph&Blue offers its customers turnkey solutions, from strategy and conceptualization, to the final development of the solution.
Our solutions allow intelligence to infuse infrastructure, cause radical changes in the movement of people and goods (including water, energy or information) or lower transaction costs. To this end, Uph&Blue has the most advanced systems for sensoring infrastructures, deployment of communications and distributed information processing capacity, as well as information and intelligence systems that allow real-time control of infrastructures and automatic reconfiguration of infrastructure. networks in a safe and efficient way to adapt to environmental variations.


IT Outsourcing BPO

Uph&Blue offers services that allow outsourcing tasks and processes that, due to our size and specialization, also contribute to a reduction of costs of our clients, also providing important advantages of added value by:

New models of service provision (Cloud Computing)
Verticalization of our offer (taking advantage of our deep sector knowledge)
Improvement of our delivery models
Offer of complementary services
Incorporation of social and environmental values ​​to our proposal ...
The range of solutions and services developed by the company helps our customers in different sectors to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive environment.

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