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President of UPH & BLUE. Director of Operations and International
Executive Consultations of UPH Holding. President of the DACSSI
Foundation (Defense of Critical Assets through Intelligent Security
Systems). Buenos Aires, Argentina. Specialized Lawyer in Criminal,
Maritime, Aeronautical, Space, Natural Resources, Security and Financial
Technology. International speaker on law and security issues. Author of
the book "Proyecto DACSSI, for crisis situations with hostage-taking". Ed.
2001. Editorial Grafica Sur SRL.
He was National Criminal Judge of Instruction, Federal Criminal and
Correctional Attorney and collaborator in the Honorable Senate of the
Argentine Nation, in aeronautical matters.
He was Professor in the Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires,
Higher School of the Argentine Naval Prefecture and of the same
University of Buenos Aires, in matters such as Maritime Law, Aeronautics,
Space, Complex Offenses and Institutions of Private Law.
Doctorate in Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences, in the Faculty of Law of
the Universidad del Salvador. Master in criminal law  on"Economic
Crimes", in the Faculty of Law of the Austral University, all in Buenos Aires,
Argentina. Specialized in Aeronautical and Space Law, in the National
Institute of Aeronautical and Space Law, Command of the Air Regions, Air
Force Argentina.
Trained by Federal Agencies of the United States of America, Japan and
Spain, in the fight against highly complex crimes, terrorism and municipal