Uph&Blue is one of the leading global technology and consulting companies and the technology partner for the key operations of its clients' businesses around the world. It is a leading global provider of proprietary solutions in specific segments of the Logistics, Construction, Multiple Industrial and Defense sectors, a leading company in Information Technology.

It has a comprehensive range of proprietary solutions and advanced services with high added value in technology, which combines with a unique culture of reliability, flexibility and adaptation to the needs of its customers.

Uph&Blue is a world leader in the developments for integral technological solutions in fields such as Defense and Security; Logistics and Traffic; Energy and Industry; Telecommunications and Media; Financial services; and Public Administrations and Health. And through its UphCiber-Blue unit, it responds to the challenges posed by digital transformation










Diversity of business knowledge, International experience and active local involvement forms the fundamental framework of our corporate management team. Regionally sited resident directors take an active hands on approach to management. We place a high premium on excellence at every level and demand a  genuine  dedication to our core values


Julio Montenegro

Director fintech and innovation

Extensive experience of more than 25 years in e-
commerce solutions, banking software, ATM.
Pioneer in prepaid products, debit cards rechargeable,
Mastercard, Maestro, Cirrus, Star, individual products,
Corporations, Organizations, co- branding, payment of
payroll, gift program to the non-bankable Latino
population in U.S. using thousands of network
distributosrs such as; Blackstone, Fidelity, Express,
Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Green Dot among others.

Carl Johnson

Director, North America Region

Managing Director for America
institutional management expert and project manager for the United States of America, board member, permanent legal advisor of the blue group.

Fernardo Vergara

 Head of institutional development.

Fernando works in the Uph&Blue team, as the Head of institutional development.
contributing his extensive trajectory in the public sector,
where he is recognized for his excellent management.
He is responsible for monitoring the correct development of contracts with local governments.

Law technician postgraduate in criminology. Leading since 1992 a legal firm dedicated to legal advisory in administrative law, labor litigations, tax law, accounting and financial services.
Secretary of the electoral board of Montevideo during the 2015/2020 term, with a featured participation in the Uruguayan electoral process.

Senior Engineer of Industrial Organization by the Polytechnic of Barcelona
in 1975 and MBA in Business Administration Management. First
Promotion of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville in 1982.
In 1970 he joined Telefónica, and has held various management positions in the
Division of Information Technology and Project and Works Management. In 1991 he was appointed
Director of Projects and Works at Telefónica Argentina and General Director of
Technology until 1995. From 1995 to 1998 in the Subdirectorate General of
Computer science in Madrid. In 1998 he was CEO of Policentro Projects
Seville, since 2010 is President of Supernova Business, since 2018 CEO of

Ramón Espejo Gómez

Chief Strategy and development of projects

Enrique Tibidor

Chief Information Officer

Enrique serves as UPH’s Director of Information Technology overseeing UPH’s IT infrastructure and aligning all technology with the vision of corporate initiatives. He is intricately involved in daily operations of both UPH and clients, working with business units to analyze existing processes and procedures. He is well versed in data analysis, data/interface audits and reporting, particularly as it relates to dashboard tools to assist management in decision-making processes.

Mario Jesús Olaguivel 

Director UPH&BLUE


Work development in the Public Administration and Private Sector of Bolivia.
Ministry of Social Communication
Ministry of Finance and Public Finance
Ministry of National Defense
Other Important Institutions:
AASANA: Administration of Airports and Services Auxiliary to Air Navigation
YPFB: Bolivian Fiscal Oil Fields
National Customs
National lottery
Private Consultant in Financial Audit and Foreign Trade.

Gustavo  Weimann

Director  general  in projects portuaries and commercials

Diploma in international trade and technical in commercial logistics and transport. Experience
2003 to 2017 Port development hutchinson

Ports (bactssa buenos aires argentina Terminal 5) within the company. Export and import planning. Reading of the loading and unloading plans for the vessels in operation and the customer service of the last 4 years. Coordination of import delivery
and receiving the export.

Brenda Martin

Director of the legal department-

Director of the legal department-
lawyer- Diploma in International Relations
NLP Specialist (non-verbal communication)
analyst of governmental processes. extensive experiecia verified in state institutions.

Juan Pablo Borra

Business strategic management consultant

Founder and CEO of AFX Company. Executive management, negotiation and business relationship with brokers and international financial institutions as well as the direction of the center of Analysis and trade of AFX  Company.
2006 Introducing Broker for Saxo Bank A / S in Denmark.
2007 Introducing Broker Master and Qualify Asset Manager of NVN Securities SA of Uruguay.
2008 Money Manager of Deutsche Bank AG.
2008 Asset Manager and Introducing Broker MIG Bank  in Switzerland.
2009 Agent and International Advisor of Group Lucxon www.lucxongroup.com - International Life Insurance
Director of International Sales of Life Insurance - National Western Life 

Ricardo Daniel


Chief Strategy Officer

Ricardo Sasiain has an incomparable capacity to invigorate ideas and innovations while remaining faithful to the central commercial objectives, to promote government projects, ensuring the solutions that boost performance.

In recent years, he has accumulated great experience in government specialties, including his activity as a lawyer. As CSO, Ricardo Sasiain directs the position of the company to understand the trends of local governments and predict future developments of projects. He believes that the path of the future, and the change of game for governments, lies in the strategic amplification of a campaign through the evolution of contracting mechanisms and the transformation of digital structures.

Andrea Torres

Compliance officer

Graduated as a customs agent and foreign trade.
Knowledge and experience in commercial areas, accounting.
Bank Work Experience
Deputy Director of Office. , Commercial Banking Advisor, SME Banking Advisor,
Languages: Spanish- English -Portugues

Andres Schinadinsky

Chief Marketing Officer

Responsible for Marketing activities, which include sales management, product development, advertising, market research and customer service. Your main concern is to maintain a stable relationship with end customers and communicate with all other departments to get involved in Marketing activities.


The respected Architect Marcelo Pajor is a prestigious:
International Consultant for investment projects
Manager of great success companies in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and the USA
Professor of architecture and urban design in Argentina and the US
Possesses the ability to create work teams to carry out different companies
And it is preceded by an extensive career in multiple sectors of the industry with excellent references at the institutional level

Marcelo Pajor

International representative of the development and telecommunications division

pablo .jpg

Paulius  Armontas

 Director comercial 

Paulos joins our team as Commercial Director, providing extensive experience in government relations, and outstanding support as a translator in multiple languages


Juan Carlos Martinez

Project Manager 

Juan Carlos is the team

member with the most

experience in project managemen

His more than 35 years of business career ar added to our company to add value to our  work .

All the institutional projects have their close participation and accompaniment

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